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If you want to:

  • Remember your dreams better
  • Understand the symbols and images in your dreams
  • Ask your dreams to bring you your heart’s desire
  • Get physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing through your dreams
  • Enhance your creativity

Then, come into dream time with Azima:

  • Join an online dream group
  • Receive one-to-one dream consultation in person or by phone or Zoom
  • Host or attend a weekend dream retreat where you live
  • Join a Sunday afternoon drop-in dream group in Silver City
  • Like the Azima DreamWeaving Facebook page or follow azimadreamweaver on Instagram and receive daily inspiration and tidbits on dreams and dreaming.
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For a consultation via Zoom on your computer or phone, or in person in the Silver City area,  you begin by making an appointment and receiving guidelines to prepare for your session, which will last 1 to 1 ½ hours.

Tell Azima your dream (or dreams) and respond to clarifying questions if needed, and she will share what she sees, feels and learns from her version of the dream, but she will never tell you what your dream means for you — that will become clear in the session.

You can have as many sessions as you wish. The fee for a single session is $100.  If you schedule and pay in advance for four sessions, the cost is $350, a savings of $50.

Inquire about the special in-person executive dream consultation package.

Contact azima@zianet.com


If you’re interested in hosting a dream workshop or retreat, contact Azima at azima@zianet.com.


Azima regularly schedules online dream groups, which meet for four weeks for two hours; the four sessions are usually on four consecutive weeks and use the Zoom conferencing facility. The process in the group is similar to what is described in ONE-TO-ONE DREAM CONSULTATIONS, except that all present participate together on each dream presented.  The cost for a series of four is $100 per person. For the next series Click Here.


Come and join Azima and friends for a dream group at 3pm on Sundays.  Come whenever you’re called to, maybe when you have a dream you want to explore.  The group usually lasts two hours. The fee for a group is $15.   If you wish, you can pay $75 for six groups, a savings of $15. For more information and location, contact azima@zianet.com.

“Dreams and creativity are deeply connected.  You will find your artistic nature fed, energized, and inspired by working with your dreams.”

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