Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Counseling

You can meet with Azima face-to-face or by phone regularly for guidance for your spiritual life, or occasionally, or as a onetime occurrence.  If you already have a spiritual guide, it is best to work with that person.  This may also include guidance for working with a life dilemma or passage, purification from invasive negative influences (exorcism), and/or occasional checking-in regarding spiritual practice.

This may also include work with some kind of → Journey.

Fees vary by circumstance.

Retreat Guidance

Azima is recognized as a Retreat Guide by the Sufi Ruhaniat International and is available to guide spiritual retreats, or to provide retreat practices and/or guidance for retreats taken without her presence. If you have a spiritual guide, it is best to get retreat practices from him or her, or to get their permission to work with Azima.

Fee varies by circumstance.