Azima Testimonials

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Azima is a master dream worker. She generously holds a beautiful space which allows each dream in the group to reveal itself. When I bring a dream to the group, I feel supported to bring all of my own wisdom to my dream, and find that insights from Azima–and the others in the group–bring additional layers of meaning to my experience. I love dream group night!

— Kyra E.

Experience, longevity and wisdom

— Halim F.

It’s better than therapy!

— Aziza R.

Azima’s intuitions in the dream space are right on! I have received multi-layered insight by being in her dream group.  Her spirit is always in a positive creative space.

— Ann L.

Being part of Azima’s dreamwork has shown me that it is an exploration of images and emotions that can encourage and foster ways to better living. They can be a tool to help me face fears and solve problems that may be affecting me. Working with Azima helped me to see that nightmares really aren’t scary premonitions but lessons and instructions in how I can grow and change. Azima’s dreamwork has changed my life. 

— Heidi O.

Azima is a true master. She has helped me piece together bits of my dreams and make them understandable. She will help you walk through this territory and understand the landscape. Magnificent! If you have the opportunity to work with her you are blessed.

— Michael E.

I’ve been working in a Dream Group led by Azima for over five years, and always get a lot out of the whole process.  Doing so helps me remember dreams much more readily. Azima provides a safe, constructive, and supportive process to better “get” the dream messages that have brought me comfort, challenges, and good advice. 

— Lynda A.

My dreams are often insistent mysteries or fragments of what I call “slippery fish.” With Azima’s incredible wisdom and sensitivity, the whole gradually emerges and the guidance shines through. What a relief, what a gift – an expanding treasure to explore and live with. Azima’s dream group has been a joy for me, deep and rich and not to be missed!

— Karima F.

I have done dream work with Azima for years, and she is a most delightful guide and companion on this journey.  She has a depth and breadth of knowledge and techniques, and a keen intuition that have been very helpful in discovering, exploring and manifesting the many aspects of my dream world and its messages.  Highly recommended!

— Jude S.

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